Almost The End

My contract is soon coming to an end. I’m going to miss the monthly paycheck soon. It’s not much, but does contribute a good chunk to the family’s expenses. The past 9 months has given me a refreshed insight into how things are being now. So much has changed. Rather baffling to me, one, that hasn’t really punched the keyboard like before. I’ll be on my own come next month. Hope G God will be kinder to me.


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Online Slots Malaysia

It’s been a while since i last wrote here. That’s partly due to my forgetting the password to this old blog of mine. Worst…. i thought this is associated with another email, which, by the way, i have also lost the book that contains the passwords, lol. This is major wtf, man. Anyway, i gave it one last try over the weekend trying to crank up my rusty brains over the name of the blog, emails, yadda yadda yadda. And voila! I’m back!

These days, i kept myself occupied playing online slots malaysia games. Cool eh. Nothing better to do that just to click away aimlessly at the pc. Not really into the money. Win some lose some, breaking even most of the time. Am currently going through much pain grieving over my brother’s passing. These scr888 online slots games takes the pain away, albeit temporarily.

Have you played any before? Let me show you one video i dug up from youtube. A game that i’ve been playing. Something called Avengers. Nothing in particular other than i am familiar with the characters mentioned. Love the graphics much!!! I’m not in any way promoting the game or anything. Just wanna show you all one of my favorite scr888 online slot game only, ok. It’s cool. Tell me what you think with a comment, ya.

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Agree with me or buzz off

A blogger that needs to clarify things with her readers is nothing but lame. On my blog, i crap what i like. Who are you to comment on my posts. If you are just trying to show off, then it’s also pathetic. As if your miserable readers care. If you dont agree with me, then go hit the blardy X button on the top right corner of your screen and buzz off. I dont need people to agree with me.

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Busy busy busybody

Some busybody came to my blogs, saw some of my posts and formed some lame opinions without knowing exactly what i’m getting at, lol. Stupid woman only thinks i do things for money. So what if she got paid for writing a post on a particular product. So what if i wasnt. But then, i rule the SERPS on that those keywords now and love it love it love it. No money also nevermind. Free promo for the company also nevermind. Maybe she’s pissed off as her blog with the same topic is buried like 50 pages down under. Who cares. The important thing is i win at the end of the day. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

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Dont throw the soiled DAMP towel into the laundry basket

When will i ever get my man to listen to simple instructions like “Dont throw the soiled DAMP towel into the laundry basket”? He can never register the fact that i dont do laundry everyday like his mom does. The whole laundry basket will stink in no time if i didnt notice it and take it out. Damn, where the fark are this blardy ears.

You see, these are just the common everyday issues that i have to deal with. And if i were to tell him off about this, i’ll turn into a nag. But if i dont, it’ll get on my nerves. I’ll just throw the towel away next time until there are no more left. Let’s see if it registers or not, @#E%^&*(

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I hate it when relatives drop by unannounced. I hate it even more when they drop by when i’m right in the middle of doing some household chores that i just cannot stop. Take for example, scrubbing the dirty and oily kitchen floor. I just leave it to my lk to take care of them and entertain them. Just dont expect me to go out, bathe, change and make small talk. Boring, boring, boring.

And they dont seem to want to leave. And worse, they come and stand right at the kitchen entrance and watch me scrub the floor. How annoying, right. I’m in a mess and they stand there and comment on how i do it and give their stupid opinions on how things should be done. Hello, i live here, k. And this is my kitchen. I do what i like. SHUT UP & GET LOST.

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Did you watch Lydia Shum memorial service?

My mom asked me if i watched the Lydia Shum memorial service or not when i visited her yesterday. Too bad i didnt. It was a teary show anyway and i dont think i can stand watching Lydia Shum pictures all over the place. I read somewhere that Adam Chen wasnt allowed to attend Lydia Shum’s funeral on Joyce’s orders. Both he and Lydia Shum divorced on bitter notes. Maybe it’s for his own good that Joyce did that. To save him lots of embarrassing moments and questionings. Nut even if i didnt get to watch the Lydia Shum memorial servoce, i bet it would be aired on tv next time.

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